Anna Grasmik Photography


Are you looking for scroll-stopping content to help your business stand out on social media and win the attention of your customers?

Stop Motion Videos are a fun and unique way to educate consumer about:

  • giftbox content
  • the ingredients in your product 
  • how to use your product
  • your product range
  • different colors / patterns you offer

What is it about stop motion that makes it good for sales? 

  • IT’S SNAPPY 🐊 With stop Motion you can show the most about your product in the shortest space of time! Here are some ideas… do a 360 degree turn of your product to show it from all angles. Animate it open and close to see the inside. Flip it over, spin it round, fan out a range of colors, show the ingredients. The possibilities are endless.
  • EMOTIONS 💞 People buy with their emotions! Stop motion gives that warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling, and when people feel like they have an emotional connection to your brand that’s when they’ll spend their money with you. Stop motion is the QUEEN medium for evoking emotions 🙌🏻
  • MAGIC ✨You can do things you just can’t do with regular video or photos! You can change through a range of products quickly using fun transitions, make your product open and close by itself and show ingredients or materials magically turning into your product to show what it’s made of! 

With a wiggle and a jiggle, I create stop motion videos that stop the scroll dead and bring your products to life! Remember you have only 1.7 seconds to capture your audiences attention – stop motion videos are an effective way to do this! 

Get in touch and let’s get creative.


1 stop motion video in high quality

9:16 or square format (your choice)

commercial-use license

3 working days delivery



If specific props / ingredients are required for the shoot additional charges will apply to cover the cost of these items.

Products will be returned once payment is received in full. All postage costs are at the clients expense.